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What are Valet Trash services?

The Convenience of leaving your Garbage right outside your door, for daily disposal.

We offer low cost, daily Valet trash services for Multi-family communities, Student housing complexes, and Adult Living facilities

Call 301-996-7704 to request a quote  

#1 Amenity to offer your residents!​

Valet Trash Services

Every door. 6 Nights per week

A Cleaner Community

Happy Residents

Hassle-free service

Benefits of Valet Trash services

Benefits for Residents

  • No more lugging garbage up and down stairs
  • No more potentially unsafe, late-night walks to the dumpster/compactor
  • No more transporting trash on the top of your car
  • Eliminates trash pile up in your home
  • The convenience of leaving your garbage right outside your door
  • A cleaner community
  • Low cost
  • Peace of mind

Benefits for the Community

  • Low cost
  • Provides a competitive advantage over the surrounding communities
  • Increase Maintenance efficiency (maintenance will no longer have to clean the garbage left outside of the dumpster, freeing them up for more important tasks) 
  • Increased occupancy
  • A cleaner community
  • Happy residents
  • Our company also offers Bulk waste removal services